Monday, February 11, 2013

Been Awhile . . .

It's been awhile, huh?

I've been so busy I've barely been able to think.   Except yesterday, I took time to think yesterday, and I thought 'Hey, I have a blog, don't I?'

Then I came here to visit you all. :)

I've been making cockades, knitting, sewing other things, working on a fence, taking my grandfather places, and working on my book.

You know. Like my last post. Same old same old. ;)

 I'm very happy with my same old same old, don't get me wrong! I love it.  I just don't have much time to blog. :)

I've written 30,000 words on VE   and . . . deleted 26,000. Ouch.

I've made 40 or more cockades

Knitted about 10 1/2 scarves  and listed some of them for sale in my shop.

Helped my sister and father put up about 280 feet of fencing, which included digging a 280 foot long trench to bury the fencing 6 inches deep.  (Wire stock fence 2x4 holes).

And Taking my grandfather various places for various tests that come with being 83 years old.

Today I am back to work on cockades - have to get 6 or 7 shipped out today along with a hat. I hope more orders come in soon, though, because, believe it or not, 6 or 7 cockades isn't that many. ;)

And I need to prepare for the upcoming Florida Christian Writer's Conference. It's happening next month (But we leave on the 24th of this month), and I'm teaching a class there!

Hope you all are in excellent health and will continue  reading despite my  absences. :)