Friday, June 29, 2012

Sort of Busy Around Here

It's been rather busy around here.  The summer season is always interesting because we have a large garden and are always trying to get all the food processed and stored.

We canned okra and yellow squash the other day. and we're about done now until the tomato plants start producing. Whew!

But don't think we're in a lull. My sister and nephews are now visiting from India and they'll be here for 2 weeks and then we'll all head to Florida for  a week. Having a 3 and 4 year old running around makes for some exciting times!

But wait. This is a writing blog, right?

Sort of.

Anyway, not much is getting done on the writing from. I wrote 300 words on CCB3 yesterday as well as a 200 word cover letter for a job application (Which, if any of you care to pray about, I would appreciate it if you would. I would really like to get this job. If I do, I'll tell you all about it.)

And now I'm back to trying to write today. 200 more words and I'll reach 22,500 total. Pathetic, I know, but I'm trying!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And Now . . .

A review for Noble Imposter!

Davis has done an expert job in crafting a sequel to go beyond the reader’s expectations and to deliver on what she promised at the end of Precisely Terminated.  Noble Imposter is an excellent work with a tension-filled plotline, an admirable and persuasive main character, and excellent writing to fluidly move the reader along in the story.  Davis has well-earned her spot on my shelf with this work.  Readers won’t be disappointed.
Josiah, Age 15


CCB 3 is coming along well. I'm about to reach 22,000 words total. I would have reached that yesterday, but I was 200 words short and had to scurry off to dance class. Dance class is only once a week so I'm not going to miss is for lack of 200 words!  Unless an editor is breathing down my neck. But he's not yet. So I'm safe. For now. :)

My sister and nephews are arriving from India today. They'll be visiting us for 2 weeks before we head to Florida for another week of visiting as well as a book convention that my dad and I attend every year. Noble Imposter will be introduced at this convention and there will be much rejoicing.

Meanwhile, we're busy storing all the produce that's flooding in from our garden. Mostly yellow squash. Who likes that stuff anyway?  It's canned now.  Actually, it's in jars. So should we say it's jarred?  Maybe not.

Have a great day!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cantral Chronicles Book3

I'm back into the writing seat today.  The past two days I've spent working on other things.

 Would you like to hear about those other things? If so, read on. If not, there's a red box with an X near the right corner of your screen. Click it.

Tuesday my mother and I headed out early to drive to Memphis. It's about a 60 mile drive, which amounts to about an hour and a half spent driving. Our first errand was to stop by a friend's house and pick up a small, waist deep pool that they were getting rid of. We were interested in it because my two nephews (who are 3 and 4 years old) will be visiting us for 2 weeks, and they love to swim. I've spent a lot of this morning setting up this pool. It's filling with water as I type (It's about 15 feet in diameter and 42 inches deep).

After the pool was safely folded into the back of our van we trundled off to Millington where we picked 1 1/2 bushels of peaches and 2 gallons of blackberries. If anyone is interested, there's a nice pick your own orchard there called 'Jones Orchard'. The peaches are very good this year. Last year was a terrible year for peaches, but with all the warm weather we've had lately, it's been perfect for them.

With the peaches packed safely in the coolers we brought along for that purpose, we headed down to our clogging class. Every Tuesday my mother and I clog (dance) with a group. It's a lot of fun. We learned a more advanced song that night and did pretty well with it. I'd show you a video . . . but I didn't take one. :) You'll just have to imagine it.

Yesterday was a 'non-writing day' (as we call them) day as well. We had to do something with all those peaches we picked the day before! Half of a bushel was carried off to my aunt and the rest had to be processed.  I made about 2 gallons of blackberry jam in the morning before driving to my aunt's house and spending over half an hour cutting okra with my sister Red. We cut about 2 gallon buckets full of okra.  Of which we only took a little home, because in my family, only my dad likes to eat okra!

When we returned home we finished up the blackberry jam and started the peach jam. We didn't finish the peach jam until 8:30PM (I started making blackberry jam at 7AM), and we still had a bunch of peaches left over. So we made peach cobbler and went to bed.   In the end we canned about 6 - 7 gallons of peach jam. 

And now today is back to writing on CCB3! Have to get a character out of some mortal peril with quick thinking on other character's parts. We'll see if they're good enough to do it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review of Noble Imposter

I'm sure y'all are curious as to how other people like Noble Imposter. I had a few pre-publication readers, and here is the opinion of one of them.

"Amazing! Noble Imposter grabs your attention from the very first page and pulls you right into the story, making you feel like you're actually there! Monica is the kind of character with whom you can relate, and the book is exciting enough to keep you eagerly turning the pages. Overall, I had only one problem with this book: I didn't want it to end!"
Sarah, Age 14 


I'm so glad you liked it, Sarah!  And I hope anyone else who gets a chance to read 'NI' enjoys it just as much. 

Noble Imposter went to press a few days ago and will be in the warehouse next month (July). I plan on having ice cream once it's released. You guys should, too.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miss Me?

I know I've not been updating very regularly. I'm sorry, but it's been pretty busy here.  Isn't it always?

I've been working on writing a lot.  There have been other things getting in the way, though. Sewing, yard work, wool work, the like. 

I just finished writing 1,000 words on CCB3 today for a total of 16,000 words written in the book. What do you think of that? Pretty good? Not so good? 

Anyway, I'm off to spin some yarn of wool!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Away Again, Home Again

First of all, Blogger has revamped the look of its site where I type up these blog posts, and I don't really like it much. It makes me not want to blog, but I shall continue on. For your sakes. :)

No, no, I'm kidding. While I don't like it much, it's not that bad.

Anyway, I know I've been rather quiet lately, but for good reason!   I was away on a church service project for a week and had no internet access. Now I'm home again and have internet access and a computer, and I'm busily working away on Cantral Chronicle's Book 3 (CCB3).

I've reached 10,500 words and hope to reach 11,000 by this evening.

I will also be making blackberry jelly, if everything goes as planned.  I hope you all have a splendiferous day.