Saturday, May 26, 2012

Home At Last

I'm finally home again. Arrived safe and sound on Wednesday after a 2 week stint in Georgia. :)

The wedding went well, Kate was beautiful, her dress was beautiful, no mishaps happened. Is all good.

I missed my turn on my way home and took the long way home, but it was a way I knew better anyway, so it was okay.

Today we celebrated my birthday.  I left for GA on my birthday so we hadn't had an opportunity until now. We went and saw the Hunger Games (better than I expected), had BBQ, and ate ice cream and cake and played cards (a game called Scum).  Good times, good times.

Not your typical 21st birthday celebration, but it was just the way I like it. :)

Now that I'm home, writing should resume once I finish a sewing project that's due on Monday. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Almost Ready!

Noble Imposter is coming along well!

Reviews from pre-pub readers are coming in, and they're positive!  So that's always good. :)

I've been working a bit on the third book (CCB3)  and it's coming along well, too. Just introduced a new character.

I'm still in Georgia. We finished all the sewing except a hem, and that can't be done until the bridesmaid tries on the dress on Friday. So we'll call it even. ;)

Now back to writing!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Few Updates

Sorry for the few updates, but I've been rather busy.

Yesterday my editor and I went over the proof reader's comments and decided how to fix some things. That's one of the last steps towards finishing Noble Imposter. It should be released in July or August. Hopefully August. :)

Meanwhile I'm in Georgia. I arrived here on the 9th (my birthday, btw), and I'll be here until at least the 21st. My very good friend is getting married on the 20th and I'm staying with her family, helping get ready, etc. It's a costumed wedding, so there are costumes to sew, etc.

I get a chance, I work on CCB3 (Cantral Chronicles Book 3), and it's coming along pretty well.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pre-Publication Readers

Three people didn't respond to my emails for pre-publication readers, so I will be selecting three more people from my list. Be on the lookout for an email!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Pre-Publication Readers Have Been Chosen!

Last night I heard from my publisher that the pre-publication copies for Noble Imposter are in the warehouse!

These copies are called 'Advanced Reader Copies' (ARC). They informed me that I could choose my ARC readers, and I did just that!

I selected 10 people from the list I had created. It wasn't necessarily first come first serve, as I wanted a broad range of ages for readers. I sent emails out to everyone who was chosen, so they should have received them by now.

If you weren't chosen, don't worry. There's another book to go yet!  Also, the readers have until tomorrow to respond to my email or I'll pick someone else, so don't give up hope. :)

Meanwhile, today I've run a mile (wearing teddy bear socks. I know. I'm cool. ;)   )   and now I have to get to work on a sewing project. My friend is getting married this month, and I need to work on my bridesmaid outfit!

I also took a picture of our Jackmanii Clematis growing on our trellis.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Family Fiction Readers' Choice Awards

 I've been honored and blessed to be picked as Family Fiction Readers' Choice Awards #1 New Author of the Year.  I was also selected as the #4 speculative fiction author! 

You can read about it here.

I'm so grateful for everyone's support of my writing career and how people have enjoyed Precisely Terminated. I hope that when Noble Imposter is released, you all will enjoy it just as much!

And here's a pair of socks.

People seem to enjoy seeing the socks I wear, so I'll keep posting pictures of them until someone objects. :)    I rather like this pair. They're very bright (brighter than the picture shows).  I wore (and took this picture) yesterday, but didn't get a chance to post this blog until now.