Saturday, April 14, 2012

No Writing Getting Done . . . So

Here's a picture of my blanket.

Now this isn't just any blanket, mind you. At my house this is referred to as 'The duck blanket'. For reasons I'm sure you can surmise. ;)

This blanket is with me when I do most of my writing. It is very heavy, with a furry feel to it, and I like to spread it over my lap as I write. It protects my knees from my laptop. See, when I write, normally I sit cross legged on my with my laptop on my knees--It seems to be the most efficient writing posture for me.

Since I use this blanket while writing, I thought I'd show it to you. It's 21 years old and still holding strong-no holes or anything. One of the ducklings did try to detach itself from the blanket late last year, but I reattached it, I don't think it would have liked being separated from the others. ;)


  1. Nice! We have a couple of veteran blankets like that in my house too :)