Thursday, July 5, 2012

CCB3 Update and Noble Imposter

Guess what?

I'm supposed to have my copies of Noble Imposter by next week!  Hurrah!

You can order your copy from my website at, and if you want, I can even autograph it for you. :)

People are saying Noble Imposter is even better than Precisely Terminated, and I hope you find that to be true!

I had never written a second book before I wrote NI, and it wasn't even planned when I got the contract for Precisely Terminated!  I was given a contract for a trilogy when I had only the first chapter written for PT.  I was a little nervous, but it's turning out okay so far!

On the CCB3 front, I've now reached almost 28,000 words with a projected final word count of 105,000 (Give or take a few thousand).  Things are moving along quickly, though Aric is in peril.   You don't know who Aric is yet unless you're a pre-pub reader. :) He's introduced in Noble Imposter.

On another note, I started an everyday, what's going on in my life blog, which you may or may not be interested in. It shows that us authors are pretty normal, too, and we do normal people things all the time!

This blog is scheduled to update every day at 8AM central time. I have more blogging material when it's about every day life and not just writing.



  1. Aric in peril? Ooh, sounds exciting. (I'm sorry. I like Aric from the prepub copy, but I also dislike him enough to be glad he's in peril.)
    Glad to hear NI will be coming out soon and that CCB3 is coming along well!

    1. Yes, Aric is in peril, and there is currently no way to save him. :) Exciting.

      My dad doesn't like Aric, either, but I do.

  2. Yes! I'm glad that he's in peril, too... Not because I dislike him, but because it means that he's going to be in this book! :-)

    1. Aric is indeed a vital character in this next book. :)

      And Vinnie is in CCB3, too.

  3. Thanks for the link. I like glimpses into the everyday life of some of my favorite authors, not to sound like a creeper or anything.

    1. I don't think that's creepy. If I didn't want people to read what I was doing all the time, I just wouldn't write about it! :) So no worries.