Monday, November 26, 2012

Editing Update

I've been pretty quiet around here, because I've been rather busy. Per usual.  Not surprised, right?

Thanksgiving was great, we had just family over and had 18 people at the house, and not all my siblings were present! Sad, but they were too far away to make it over. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Editing on Viral Execution  is going pretty well. Round 2 of edits is done, and now I'm working on round 3.  Round 3 consists of my mom's edits, and she can be pretty tough some times, but they're not as hard to take as my dad's edits. ;)   He can spot an error a mile away.

But it's good.  I don't want mistakes in my book!

I hope to finish all the edits by early December, but I'm in Georgia right now visiting friends, so editing isn't going very quickly right now.


  1. You and I are in the same boat -- the U.S.S. Editing. :P LOL...
    Wow, eighteen people? Sounds full and fun!

  2. Awsome can't wait im gettin noble imposter on christmas