Sunday, November 27, 2011

Home At Last

We arrived home late on November 19th, so we've been home for awhile now, but I've been rather busy.

When we arrived home, we unpacked and took inventory of all our books and did a lot of sorting through receipts so we could enter all of our expenses in a spreadsheet. That took us a day and a half by itself.

After that my brother and his wife arrived from Florida to visit us over Thanksgiving weekend. We had a lot of fun visiting with them and hanging out.

Thanksgiving wasn't eventful. My 5 cousins and my aunt and uncle came over, and my brother and his wife from Florida were here and my other brother and his wife were visiting from where they live, and my parents and sisters, and grandfather (who lives with us) were here as well for a total of 17 people. Pretty full house. We had to have the necessary 'Kids' table. Which I am no longer a part of. ;)

Since then I've been editing Noble Imposter!


  1. Graduating the kids table is always fun :)
    Happy belated Thanksgiving. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You are!)

  2. Looks like you had a busy week... and a great Thanksgiving! :)

  3. Its always great to get out of the kid table and happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Yes, always good to be out of the kids' table, of course I haven't been part of it in a long time, but it's still fun to mention. Since our dining table sits 12, we don't always have to have a kids' table. :)