Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Editing, Editing, Editing

That's all I'm doing right now.

Not much going on besides that. Just a few things here and there.

At least I get to wear cool socks whilst I edit.

Here's a couple of paragraphs from Noble Imposter - Still a rough draft, subject to change, but I like it. :)

The soft whisking noises from scrub brushes scuffled from beneath tightly closed doors. Whispers that only a trained wall slaves’ ear could pick up danced through the halls as Monica hurried along.

As she darted by the main school room door, her heart ached. The wall slaves, hard at work as always, their noises so familiar to her, yet now so foreign. Would she ever be able to free them? Everything seemed so fruitless—from the making of friends with the Nobles, to the mission for the tablet. Would she ever get to see the computers that held them all captive?


  1. Wow that you is awesome I mean it's amazing, the details, the feelings you feel as if you are there you feel as if you are Monica. Hey I know that you some people get to preread your books and review it. money I have was wondering if you could be tell me what how you get to do that. I was online chatting with someone who did review your book and he said that he just wanted went to the one of your signings and he just asked. So I'm asking if I could when you finish your book? I

  2. I love those types of socks :) I only have some generic ones though...I need to get some fun ones. That is a great paragraph! I love the second line :) I'm still dying to read your book! I seriously need to buy it, it looks so good. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  3. Thank you Sapphira, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    I keep a list of people who want to be pre-pub readers when the time comes for them. I usually need both girls and guys (maybe 5 each) from 12 -18 to read a book, but it depends on what the publisher wants.

    If you become a fan of my Facebook page ( then you will hear when I need pre-pub readers. I will also likely post about it here, but also maybe not. It depends on if I remember or if I get as many as I need from FB.

  4. Thanks Sierra, I hope you get a chance to read Precisely Terminated soon as well. :)

  5. I'd love to preread the book and review it too! Unfortunately though, I don't have Facebook...

  6. same here i don't have facebook a lot of people do not

  7. what do I do since i do not have one?

  8. Sorry, I should have responded to this earlier!

    Thank you guys for reading this blog. :)

    If I need pre-publication readers for Noble Imposter, I will post about it here on the blog.

  9. o yaaaa this is great can't wait for it.thanks soooooooooooooo much Amanda. :)