Thursday, February 9, 2012

Side Stories

I took a poll today on my Facebook author page.

I asked if people prefer stories that had romance in them or stories without romance. I also stipulated that 'had romance in them' meant romance as a side story, not as the main plot.

Really, I shouldn't have been surprised at the results, knowing people as I do.

The results were about 26 out of 27 people preferred stories with romance in them to stories without romance. Interesting, huh?

And no. I wasn't the one who said no romance!

This may or may not influence my later writing. You might have noticed a distinct lack of romance in Precisely Terminated, but Monica really didn't have time for such things, and she's not exactly attractive, having starved much of her life. ;) Poor thing.


  1. I think that I would be with those 26 :)
    I think I might have just a tad...not huge since my characters are early teens though. Good point...besides there are some great books without romance too! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful ♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. I think I prefer romance as well :) Just a bit though.

  3. I like books with minimal to no romance, acctually. I guess that is because I like adventure/fantasy stories, rather than realistic fiction. But just a little romance is okay once in a while. And definately no wierd stuff going on(if you take my meaning)

    BTW, I'm reading your dad's Echoes from the Edge right now. They're pretty good. I think I like dragons better, though.

  4. I would be with the 26 as well i like some romance maye Monica could meet a slave boy who as well as her is not vary attractive.

  5. Im the anonymous by the way me SAPPHIRA IDA

  6. As I am off Facebook for the month, I did not see that nifty little poll. I would say that most of the time, I do enjoy romance. But the slow, gentle, sweet ones that are rarely seen in books nowadays.

    But I really like that PT doesn't have any romance in it. It was rather refreshing, though I did wonder from time to time if something might emerge in later books. *shrugs* But I also wondered how she would have time for something like that, since she's so busy trying to save her people....

  7. I usually like romance in stories - usually more of the gradually building up. But like Sarah, I agree that PT was better without romance, but maybe things change in NI....

    but as the author, its up to you! :)

  8. Can not wait for your second book

  9. Life is often shaped by romance. I enjoy having romantic sbplots in books.