Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Family Fiction Readers' Choice Awards

 I've been honored and blessed to be picked as Family Fiction Readers' Choice Awards #1 New Author of the Year.  I was also selected as the #4 speculative fiction author! 

You can read about it here.


I'm so grateful for everyone's support of my writing career and how people have enjoyed Precisely Terminated. I hope that when Noble Imposter is released, you all will enjoy it just as much!

And here's a pair of socks.

People seem to enjoy seeing the socks I wear, so I'll keep posting pictures of them until someone objects. :)    I rather like this pair. They're very bright (brighter than the picture shows).  I wore (and took this picture) yesterday, but didn't get a chance to post this blog until now.


  1. Congratulations and love the socks

  2. Congratz on the award! :)

  3. Yes, congratulations on such a cool achievement! (Nice socks.)

  4. Congratulations on the award! You totally deserved it :)