Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Pre-Publication Readers Have Been Chosen!

Last night I heard from my publisher that the pre-publication copies for Noble Imposter are in the warehouse!

These copies are called 'Advanced Reader Copies' (ARC). They informed me that I could choose my ARC readers, and I did just that!

I selected 10 people from the list I had created. It wasn't necessarily first come first serve, as I wanted a broad range of ages for readers. I sent emails out to everyone who was chosen, so they should have received them by now.

If you weren't chosen, don't worry. There's another book to go yet!  Also, the readers have until tomorrow to respond to my email or I'll pick someone else, so don't give up hope. :)

Meanwhile, today I've run a mile (wearing teddy bear socks. I know. I'm cool. ;)   )   and now I have to get to work on a sewing project. My friend is getting married this month, and I need to work on my bridesmaid outfit!

I also took a picture of our Jackmanii Clematis growing on our trellis.



  1. Can't wait for NI to come out and love the teddy bear socks

  2. Oooh we have some of those flowers at my great-grandma's! They are so pretty! *Crosses fingers* I'm hoping for an email!!!!! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
    Philippians 4:8

    P.S. I like your socks :)

  3. Sorry my moms emaail put your email in tge junk hope i can pre-read your next book D: