Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cantral Chronicles Book 2

You know I've been working on the sequel to Precisely Terminated for awhile, right?

Well, I have.

Anyway, since it's the second book in the Cantral Chronicles trilogy I've just been calling it CC2, because I didn't have a title yet.

I didn't have a title for months, and since PT's release date is drawing in fast, I was starting to feel a little anxious about this lack of a title for its sequel. It's kind of good to be able to tell people what the sequel will be called!

So my dad and I brain stormed for a bit and came up with the title.


Noble Impostor


What do you think?

I like the little oxymoron going on in there, and that the play on words. Royalty in this world are called Nobles, so someone impersonating them would be a Noble... but impostor... yeah. I'm sure you get it. ;)

I've just been writing away. I'm at 42,000 words now. I really need to step up the pace, however, seeing as we're leaving on tour soon and my deadline is October 1st


  1. "Noble Imposter" ...it's interesting but I'm not sure. Does that give away too much concerning your plot? What is the premise for the book? I can usually think up several alternative titles, so if you need help I'd be willing.

  2. Monica must infiltrate the nobility of Cantral. It's clear in the first chapter, first sentence even, so I don't think it gives away too much. :)

  3. what is noble impostor about the name says some but not all and goggle is not being vary helpful. So if you could tell us i would be vary thankful:D