Thursday, July 14, 2011

Internation Christian Retail Show

Every year around July or so an event is held called the International Retail Show (ICRS). It was held in Georgia this year.

This is a convention of booksellers and bookstore owners who gather to meet and discuss various things and sell and buy books for the year.

Authors are invited as well as incentive for bookstore owners to come and buy more books. Apparently, they like meeting authors.

I've been to almost every ICRS since 2004 (I've missed one or two here and there), despite the fact that I wasn't an author until this year. My dad started going long before 2004 as a media person and then as an author in '04.

This year it was my turn to go as an author. Though Precisely Terminated isn't out yet and won't be until October, my publisher decided to print about 50 advanced reader copies (ARCs) to have for the book buyers to pick up and take so they have an idea what the book is about and are more likely to buy it to stock in their stores once it is out.

So we had a book signing and all the books were picked up.

This was Monday, July 11, the first day of ICRS.

Here are some pictures from the signing.

Please note that the cover that you see on the ARCs is not the final cover. There will be a completely different cover on PT when it is released. When I have the final cover, I will post it here.

After the signing I was informed that Roma Downey, the actress who plays Monica in Touched By An Angel was at ICRS and signing posters for some DVD thing she was doing, so we met her, and I had my picture taken with her.

And no, Monica from Precisely Terminated did not get her name from this Monica.

On Tuesday the 12th I had two interviews with two magazines and a talk with my publicist, and after that we drove home to Tennessee.


Number of Speaking Events Total: 2
Number of Signings: 1
Number of Interviews: 2

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