Friday, December 2, 2011

It's the Little Things

That can really mess up a writing day.

And big things, too, but those are usually more noticeable.

Yesterday I had to help my mother get things done so she could take my grandfather to the Dr. for various tests. He lives with us now, so quite often my mom is driving him places.

Then I tried to settle down to edit, but that always takes me awhile to get into the 'groove'. Totally my fault, but my mind tends to wander to other things. Like fluffy ducks. Or things of that nature.

Another little thing that takes up time is this blog. But it's fun. So I shall continue.

I ended up editing two chapters, despite a lot of my morning being taken up to make our daily juice. Vegetable juice is supposedly good for us, but I'm not quite sure, seeing as it's dark green, stains skin, and tastes vile. Yet, I keep drinking it.

After my two 'chapters of the day' were done and edited, I sent them off to my second editor, the fabulous Ruth and went to spin some yarn of another sort.

Currently, I have a fleece I'm supposed to be spinning into yarn for someone, but I'm very behind on it, thanks to the tour and editing Noble Imposter. Yesterday I got two skeins of yarn spun, so that's a good dent put into that fleece. I should be able to finish it in the next three days or so.

Once that was done, I had to run to the post office, library, grocery store, and the auto shop so the van could have an oil change. When I say 'run', by the way, I don't mean literally.

Today will be the same-ish. Helping my mom get ready to go somewhere (but with my sisters this time, she's taking them, not my grandfather), running errands, editing, and spinning.

At least I have some spiffy socks to keep my feet warm.

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  1. You have the coolest socks ever my fav are the tie-dye.Also you have a very busy day.And vegetable juice in mt opinion YUKKKK.