Thursday, January 19, 2012

Editing and Caring for Sickies

I hope everything is going well for you all.

My grandfather is currently in the hospital with a plethora of problems, but he should be coming home this weekend. My sister and dad just left to go visit him.

Meanwhile, I'm at home taking care of my mom and younger sister (YS) who have a nasty form of the flu. Don't worry, I'm taking my vitamins and hope to avoid this bout.

In between orders for green tea and graham crackers, I'm working on editing Noble Imposter. Monica has many mishaps for me to mangle. :)

Er. Un-mangle.

Two of my cousins and an uncle visited us for a little less than a week and just left at 4 this morning, so I've also been busy putting away air mattresses and washing sheets in preparation for the next batch of guests. Two more cousins and a different uncle are hoping to visit this weekend, if a snow storm doesn't keep them home.

Currently, the washing machine is in a spin cycle. I'd better get editing before I have to hang clothes on the line.

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  1. I will be keeping your family and you in my prayers. Being sick is never fun, especially the flu... what a nice sister and daughter you are for taking loving care of your mom and sister! I hope your grandfather feels well soon, too :-) And the rest of your fam arrives safely at your home... a sick free home :-) Enjoy those edits on your book... try not to pick on poor Monica, too much ;-)