Thursday, March 1, 2012

Florida Here I Am!

Yes, I have been editing my ears off, but I am now in Florida, and that makes everything more fun. ;)

We finished the read aloud stage for Noble Imposter and now I'm making changes - some of them major. I have to add two new scenes and then there are the little edits in between, but it's coming along well.

On Monday I have 3 talks at a school here in Florida. Fun!

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  1. Ah, I can totally sympathize with you about adding scenes and making major changes! I'm only on the first draft of the book I'm on now, but I'm already looking back at what I have so far because I have a scene to add. I'm worried about it slowing down the story, but I think I'll just add it where it fits, then study pacing when I edit. Makes the flow of ideas a lot more free during the first draft, I think.
    And you're in Florida! Yay! I'm happy for you.