Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miss Me?

I know I've not been updating very regularly. I'm sorry, but it's been pretty busy here.  Isn't it always?

I've been working on writing a lot.  There have been other things getting in the way, though. Sewing, yard work, wool work, the like. 

I just finished writing 1,000 words on CCB3 today for a total of 16,000 words written in the book. What do you think of that? Pretty good? Not so good? 

Anyway, I'm off to spin some yarn of wool!


  1. Pretty good :)
    Excited for book 3!

  2. Please post when your ready for te third books pre reader coments

  3. Of course we missed you! :-) Thanks for keeping us updated... I think you have been doing a good job at that.

    Word count for CCB3 is great! Try not to work too hard or torture your characters too much ;-)

    I hope you have a very blessed summer Amanda. Looking forward to book two (also three) and hearing more about your adventures.