Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And Now . . .

A review for Noble Imposter!

Davis has done an expert job in crafting a sequel to go beyond the reader’s expectations and to deliver on what she promised at the end of Precisely Terminated.  Noble Imposter is an excellent work with a tension-filled plotline, an admirable and persuasive main character, and excellent writing to fluidly move the reader along in the story.  Davis has well-earned her spot on my shelf with this work.  Readers won’t be disappointed.
Josiah, Age 15


CCB 3 is coming along well. I'm about to reach 22,000 words total. I would have reached that yesterday, but I was 200 words short and had to scurry off to dance class. Dance class is only once a week so I'm not going to miss is for lack of 200 words!  Unless an editor is breathing down my neck. But he's not yet. So I'm safe. For now. :)

My sister and nephews are arriving from India today. They'll be visiting us for 2 weeks before we head to Florida for another week of visiting as well as a book convention that my dad and I attend every year. Noble Imposter will be introduced at this convention and there will be much rejoicing.

Meanwhile, we're busy storing all the produce that's flooding in from our garden. Mostly yellow squash. Who likes that stuff anyway?  It's canned now.  Actually, it's in jars. So should we say it's jarred?  Maybe not.

Have a great day!


  1. I like jarred better

  2. Jarred sounds way cooler and dose your sis live in India or just visiting and I can not wait for ccb3 this time ill be ready to try to get on the pre-read list ( ccb3 sounds cool ccb3, ccb3, ccb3. ) I HATE YELLOW SQUASH but my aunt but suger in it and then batters it then deepfries it and omg(oodness) its good try it that way.