Friday, January 25, 2013

Crafting and Writing

Any guesses as to what these are for?

I use them in my crafting.

Cockade templates!

I use the circles when I'm pinning the cockades so that they're all about the same size. They're often a little bit different, since I  personally pleat them all by hand then stitch the pleats by hand.

The circles are drawn in permanent marker onto an old bulletin cork board and the cockade pleats are pinned in place so I can position them perfectly. :) It works out pretty well.

I've been pretty swamped  with things to do - writing on VE, making cockades, making pillowcases, taking care of the chickens - that sort of thing. You know, every day usual run of the mill stuff. :)

I'm having to rewrite the first 15 or so chapters of VE - it should have been done a loong time ago, but that's how the world turns. Anyway. I'm working! Don't worry.

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  1. I like the green earbuds, Amanda. :)
    Fifteen chapters - wow! Out of how many?