Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tour Day Two - Dallas, TX Area

For those of you wondering, we drove a total of 543.7 miles yesterday. :)

We'll be keeping track of our day to day mileage and the trip total as well.

Today we traveled around the Dallas, Texas area. First we visited a home school group, then a Christian school, and then a youth group.

It'll take me a moment to collect my thoughts. It's 11 PM, and I've been up since 6ish, so I am rather tired. This hotel room is also uncommonly cold. But I shall survive. :)

Our first stop was in Watauga, Texas for a writing seminar with a homeschool group.
My dad did most of the talking at this one, but I did a short little speech in there, too.

After the co-op group we rushed off to Prince of Peach Christian Academy in Carrollton, Texas.
This school was very receptive, we spoke to the 3 - 8th graders, I believe.

One family drove out to see us from Oklahoma! Three hours away!
We were impressed.

After Prince of Peace we stopped for dinner before trekking to a friend's house and hanging out with them for a bit. Funny enough, I forgot to take a picture of them, but I did get a picture of their cat, Lily!

A short break at their house refreshed us, and we were soon off to a youth group talk in Justin, Texas. Which apparently sells a ton of cowboy boots. I don't know much about that. I don't think I've ever even worn a pair of cowboy boots

This last group was great and listened attentively and seemed to really get something out of our message. I hope they did, anyway. :)

It took us awhile to get back to the hotel because our GPS decided to suddenly freeze and not tell us anything for a few minutes. We had to reboot it before it would do anything. No idea why it did that, but now it's fine again, we're safely back at the hotel and I am going to bed.

We do have a video coming up, but it's too late to be doing that tonight. It has our 'word of the day' in it, too. Read more about that in the contest rules. :) I hope to post the video tomorrow.


  1. That is funny about the cat-I have a cat named Lilly, too! Is that your dad on the stage with the sword?

  2. I'll see you Friday in Hurst!!

    I think it's awesome that you and your dad are going on tour together!!

  3. That is so great that your family drove out to see you!

  4. Need2Read, yep, that's my dad!

    Girlsinthestacks, I think so too! It was great doing that interview with you! Thanks :)

    Amy, Oh, that wasn't my family. I'm sorry it came across that way. I meant to say 'a family' drove that far out to see us. They're fans of my dad's books, but no relation to us. :)