Sunday, September 18, 2011


Sorry for being so lax on posting here. I've been rather busy with this tour, and I've been updating the Davis Crossing Tour blog every day.

I wanted to update here today to add up all the events I've done so far. I want to keep track so when I've reached 1,000 or something, we can celebrate. Maybe do a book giveaway. ;)

So here is my total event count.

Number of Speaking Events Total: 15
Number of Signings: 4
Number of Interviews (Not Including by Email): 3

States Spoken In:

New Mexico

States Signed in:

New Mexico

We've been rather busy the past few days, getting up at 6AM and staying up until 12AM. Noble Imposter, the sequel to Precisely Terminated isn't growing very quickly because of this delay, but I think I can still get it turned in on time.

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