Friday, December 30, 2011

Knitting and Editing

Yesterday I made and named a Word document 'Noble Imposter0-05'. That's Precisely Terminated's sequel, version 5.

Now each of the versions isn't a full draft, mind you. The first version might be the first ten chapters, and then I decide I want to drastically change chapter 3. This becomes a new version (02) and version 1 stays 10 chapters long.

I run my versions and documents this way so that I don't lose any original work. I believe 03, 04, and 05 are the only complete drafts I have.

03 is the first full draft, 04 is the draft after it was edited by my first run editor and 05 is the second editor's turn.

My second editor (third, if you count me, kind of confusing, isn't it?) prints out the document, marks it up, and gives the document back to me with all sorts of comments and such. All rather discouraging to the write but very necessary!

So yesterday I started on her edits. Noble Imposter-05. I believe I'm to chapter 4 now. It's slow going because I happen to be knitting at the same time as I edit.

Wonder what I'm knitting?

Well. I post a picture of the final product. =)

Back to editing!

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