Monday, October 22, 2012

CCB3 Has a Title!

I announced this on my Facebook author page already, but I haven't forgotten about my trusty blog readers!

I appreciate you guys sticking with me despite the sparse updates, I'm trying to get a lot of writing done. :)


CCB3 has a title!

It is . . . .

Viral Execution.

Say it with me.  Viral Execution.

Very good. 

And it will complete the Cantral Chronicles trilogy.

Precisely Terminated - Released October 2011
Noble Imposter - Released July 2012
Viral Execution - Releases July 2013 (We hope)


What do you think of the title? Yay? Nay?

I'm 85,000 words into it, and it does fit the story line, so that's good. :)  The death count isn't very high yet in this story, but maybe it'll grow. Not that that's a bad thing (low death count), it's a good thing, just unusual for a dystopian novel. :)


  1. I like "Viral Execution", it goes along with computer-y things!

  2. Sweet title! I like it. A lot.
    July '13?? That's months away! How will we survive? :) (Just kidding.)

  3. I love the title!! And so happy that you are doing so well writing! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  4. Viral Execution . . . sounds cool. Looking forward to reading the book! (And for the record, I happen to like low death counts.)

  5. Love it just hearing the name makes me want to read it .........sadly though i havent read noble imposter yet cause im broke and my parents say i cant get it till Christmas dosent that stink!!!!!!!!!