Friday, October 26, 2012

I've realized . . .

I've realized that to finish my novel Viral Execution (CCB3) by my deadline, I have to write at least 3,500 words per day.

Whew.  That's more difficult for me than some people.  I know a lot of people who can pound out that many words per day, no problem, but I can't. It takes me from about 9AM - 8PM to get that done with very few breaks in between.

But I'm persevering! I wrote 4,000 words the day before yesterday and 3,500 yesterday.

Unfortunately, I had to kill one of my favorite characters yesterday. *Sigh*

He or She will be missed.  

Back to writing! I have a funeral to plan.


  1. When I had to kill off one of my characters I watched a depressing movie and listened to sad music, then sat down and wrote my character's death. I cried the whole way through.

  2. Please tell me it's not Vinnie.

    1. I can neither confirm nor deny that it is Vinnie. ;)

  3. *Gasp!* No, not a favorite character! I remember killing off one of my good characters... well, sort of. It wasn't really her that died, but someone who looked like her. However, my main characters didn't know that, so it was still sad.
    Wow, that's a lot to write! Keep it up! The joy of the Lord is your strength!