Sunday, October 14, 2012

Various Projects

Right now I've been pretty busy getting back into the swing of things, as we say around here. Settling back into being home and doing home type things.

I wrote nothing yesterday, thanks to being at a festival thing, but I wrote some today.  I normally don't write on Sundays, but I feel it's necessary with my deadline fast approaching.

Maybe rainbow smiley socks will help me write faster.

When taking breaks from writing I've been cooking and cleaning and organizing. Went through my fabric stash this evening.

I hope to start a quilt, too. I started cutting out the pieces for it this evening.  My parents leave in 1 week for the upcoming tour!

Back to writing. Aric and Monica are in peril.


  1. You know what also helps with writing? Rainbow coloured toe-socks ;)

    1. I'm sure they do! But I have none. :( So I don't know for sure. ;)