Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tour Day 1 - 9 -5 - 12

And we're off!

 We got off to a late start - not leaving home until about 11AM, but since we had only a seven hour drive ahead of us, so we weren't too worried.

It was a nice and easy trip and we had no events scheduled.

My mom worked on an editing job and Hannah did some school work and reading.

And just chillin.

Hannah took a turn driving, too, and my dad did the rest.

 And as for me? I wrote. And wrote.  And then I slept.  And wrote some more. Unfortunately, my laptop went haywire after I wrote 1,200 words, otherwise I would have updated this blog last night.    But after hours of agonizing over the laptop and stumping the Geek Squad at Best Buy with my problems, I was finally able to get it working again with a lot of prayer and help from google searching.

More updates in a little while about Tour Day 2!

1 comment:

  1. Cool, thanks for the update!
    I'm so excited to get to meet you all on the tour!
    Happy (and safe) driving...