Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tour Day 14 9-18-12

(Written by my sister Hannah - copied from the tour blog)

We left our hotel this morning at about 11:05 am for hot chocolate at Tim Horton's. It was delicious. Again. Unfortunately I didn't snap any pictures til later, when we got back to our hotel after 10 pm. Sorry. My fault entirely for being neglectful. I can't do that again. -.- 
Anyways, at our first school, Calvary Christian, in St. Catherine's, Ontario, from 11:45 to 3:45 Dad and Amanda did their talk and Dad did a short writing workshop. We sold a pretty fair amount of books and packed up in a hurry to get to the Heritage Christian Bookstore a few blocks down. We stayed 15 minutes later than we were supposed to due to some kids not having money and they needed their parents to pay when they picked them up after school. 
At the bookstore Dad and Amanda signed books from 3:50 to 5, then we took a break for dinner. From 7 to 9 Dad spoke to a group of librarians for the store and signed books. The bookstore owner was awesomely generous. He gave me the book I'd been reading and wanting to buy and a Kerusso shirt I'd been eyeing and asked how much it was. Now we're at our hotel redoing inventory of the boxes we used today.


My Lady doing inventory

 The ledger the Lady's made

 Scotch tape. Everyone loves Scotch tape.

Some postcards I picked up and my new book. ^-^

Me in my new shirt with my new book, looking a bit tired and pensive

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