Friday, September 14, 2012

Tour Days 8 and 9

The past two days we've had off from events.

The first day we hung out in our hotel and got some writing and emails done. I also got caught up on blog posts and basically just relaxed.

I found this fun sign in the bathroom.

You know you're in Canada. . .

The second day (9/14) we spent some time in the hotel then unpacked the van, repacked the van, and headed off to our next hotel so we could be in the right location for our talk today.

Cool socks were mandatory.

Hannah wasn't pleased with me taking lots of pictures.

We did a small stopover in London, Ontario to stop at a gluten free bakery. Cupcakes were needed, you know.

They were tasty, at least, my mom and I thought so. Hannah didn't like them and my dad doesn't eat GF.

After we arrived at our hotel and got settled in my parents and I went on a hike on a nearby trail.  I took pictures.


It was quite pretty, as you can see.   We came back, ate dinner, and I wrote some letters and now I'm going to bed. We have a 2 hour long talk tomorrow and then I think we're hoping to do some more hiking.

Tomorrow should be interesting. One - we've had a short break, sort of throws us off our groove, and two 0 we've been asked that no one wear any sort of latex or plastic to this talk because someone is coming who has a severe allergy. So we can't bring pencils or rubber bands or anything. I hope we don't make a mistake and land this person in the hospital. That would be very bad.

On another note.

We're going to have a contest soon, so keep a look out!

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